The Mid-Wales county of Ceredigion has its fair share of gambling opportunities, both land based and online. According to the council website, their gambling policy is still being reviewed, so unfortunately it cannot be specified at the moment. If you are planning on gambling either in Ceredigion or in any other Welsh county, then it is worth giving their website a check to make sure you stay within the law.

Where can I gamble?

In this age of technology, gambling is not just the remit of casinos. While Ceredigion has land based casinos you can visit for a great day/night out, you can also gamble online or in betting shops. Even the national lottery, with tickets available to buy in most newsagents or supermarkets, is gambling. So while you may not consider yourself to be someone who enjoys gambling, if you play a weekly lottery ticket then you are!

Land based vs Online betting

There are positives and negatives to both ways of betting. And while land based casinos and high street betting shops, such as the more well know Grosvenor Casinos or Ladbrokes, allow you to place you bets and get drawn in to the real-time in house atmosphere; online gambling with the likes of Tombola or means that you can still enjoy the rush of a game, while sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You can even play in your pyjamas if you are having a duvet day!

Responsible Gaming

The Gambling Policy of Ceredigion, even though it is being currently reviewed, will surely include a mention about the responsible gaming. Any and all responsible betting companies will offer their clients a chance to set playing limits so that they don’t overspend, and even offer them a time out period, or a cooling off period where playing is barred or restricted. The general rule of thumb is when it is no longer fun, stop.